Robot Parties at Amped Reality are an exciting and educational experience for young
Roboteers. Here’s how a Robot Party works:
1. Start Your Party
At the beginning of the celebration, kids get warmed up with robot themed activities while waiting for all your party guests to arrive.
2. Building Party Bots
Your very own party host will walk all of your guests through the process of building their own robot, step-by-step, with the help of one or two party assistants.
3. Enjoy Your New Bot Friend!
All the robot builders get to play with their robots together! They may be having fun with the Spider Robot Robot, creating amazing artwork with the Doodling Robots, going crazy with the Crazy Robot, or just having fun!
4. Refueling Time for Little Humans
After all that hard work building robots, it’s time for all the party guests to replenish their energy with pizza, snacks, and drinks. Be sure to add food and drink options to your order, or you can bring your own refreshments from home.
5. Oh, and of Course… Cake Time!
Now is the time for the birthday girl or boy to make a wish and blow out the candles. Everyone sings Happy Birthday and enjoys some delicious cake (Amped Reality does not provide the cake)!

With Each Party Booking You Get:

2 hours of party activities​

A private room for your party.​

A Party Host to lead the robot build.​

Guided robot battle play.​

One (1) Amped Reality T-Shirt for the birthday boy or girl.*​

Special carrier bags so guests can take home their robots!​

*Additional shirts available for $14.99 each.

Robot Kits

All of our Robots are fun and entertaining, but they all have their special qualities which make them unique. Choose the bot best suited to your party guests, and feel free to call us for more info. You can also review videos of the bots in action by clicking the “View Details” link for each robot.

Regular Build Kits

Most of the bots are a good fit for kids 5 and up and are all tried and true party favorites.
Ages 6 and Up
Ages 5 and Up
Ages 5 and Up
Ages 6 and Up

Party Options

We also can have a pizza (or several) delivered to our store for your party guests, as well as drinks, extra party favors or robot gifts for your guests!
Additional robot kits are also always available just in case any of the parents or other adult guests want to join in on the robot building fun; just let us know before your party date arrives by calling 616-608-5508.

Request Your Time & Date Below.